Our Solutions

Wakefield & Associates offers creditors both first- and third-party collection programs, delivering solutions for industries including healthcare, property management, financial, commercial, and education.

Because we offer effortless partnerships by design, your policies and procedures are the driving force behind the customization of our collection strategies. From data reporting to communications and beyond, Wakefield & Associates listens to you and tailors the solutions to your needs.


First-Party & Early Out

Whether you are a healthcare organization, property manager, financial services company, business-to-business creditor, college or university, Wakefield & Associates has the resources needed to implement a first-party program that meets your needs.

Just as with our array of third-party solutions, our first-party programs feature approaches that focus on results and client service—namely yours. We update all account work in real time.

When we call your customers, using your name, we do so with the utmost attention to the belief that your reputation in your community and your industry matters most. We understand that we are collecting from your friends and neighbors.

In all of our communications with your customers, we will use your logo and phone number so that we remain transparent. We become a virtual and vital part of your business office. This even includes ensuring your office’s number appears on your customers’ caller ID system when we call.

Third-Party Collections

We provide third-party collection solutions to providers of healthcare, property management, financial, commercial, and education services. From the moment you send us your accounts, you can rest easy knowing that our account representatives are trained to professional industry standards, our technology maximizes results, and our client services staff stands ready to respond to whatever inquiries you may have.

All third-party collection programs feature fair and consistent telephone campaigns, regularly scheduled notices, skiptracing, and all the other components of a quality collection effort.

We have integrated multiple location acquisition sources into our collection platform, available to our representatives on their desktops in real time.

The Wakefield & Associates difference is in our client service approach and use of technology to ensure your satisfaction and results.

We create a custom program for every client that ensures monitoring of your accounts for compliance with your desired work standards and industry regulations.


Wakefield & Associates has the proven technology needed to maximize recoveries for all types of creditors. In fact, our use of technology to support operations is what sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

We offer you a robust platform so that you gain the benefits of what we have built over the years—a machine that efficiently recovers delinquent accounts and reports your account data back to you when you need it, in the format you prefer.