Our experience serving healthcare organizations is second to none, resulting in healthcare being one of our primary markets.  We have AAHAM certified billers, belong to numerous healthcare organizations, and participate as sponsors at conferences throughout the country.

We service:

Hospitals, large and small

Physician practice groups

Critical Access Hospitals operating in rural areas throughout the country

Dental practices

Emergency Medical Services

Healthcare related billing services

We provide:

Customized, web-based reports that match the needs of our clients

Real-time review of your accounts with the option to update or close account

Updated notes in real-time.

We offer an effortless partnership by design.


As long time sponsors of the Apartment Association of various Apartment Associations across the country, Wakefield & Associates is well aware of the unique knowledge base necessary for an agency to successfully recover multi-unit residence debt.  Our staff is trained in property management issues, including accelerated rent, deposits, disputes, and contractual obligations under your lease agreements.

To meet your needs, we offer fair, Professional and fully compliant services designed to maximize recoveries from your former tenants.  All programs feature customization to ensure we follow your preferred parameters and policies.

We provide:

  • customized, web-based reports to meet your requirements

  • real-time review of your accounts with the option to update or close any qualified account

Our singular focus on your needs guarantees we provide a level of client service unsurpassed in the industry.



Wakefield & Associates has programs designed to meet the needs of a variety of financial services companies, including banks and credit unions, as well as a host of other specialty financial services providers.

Wherever your customers are located, we can implement a program tailored to your requirements.  Our dedicated account managers, fully staffed client services team, and robust technology platform are just a few of the reasons to consider Wakefield & Associates for your accounts receivable management needs.  We remain attentive to your needs at all times, delivering to you effortless partnerships by design.

We provide customized, web-based reports to meet your requirements. Other web features include real-time account review of your accounts with the option to update or close any qualified account.


With continuing challenges related to days sales outstanding (DSO), business-to-business creditors often have a difficult time ensuring their corporate clients stay current with outstanding receivables.

That’s why Wakefield & Associates offers commercial creditors multiple options to solve receivables management challenges.  We offer first-party programs when your corporate customers need to be reminded payment is due.  Third-party programs may be needed when a firmer hand is desired, including skiptracing or asset identification services.



Colleges and universities have unique requirements among the various classes of creditors.  We offer academic institutions the right combination of tools, programs, and compliance assurances needed to collect your delinquent tuition accounts and miscellaneous student receivables.

If your college or university requires a solution for payment plan monitoring or debt recovery, then look no further. We will work with you to provide customized, web-based reports that meet your requirements. Other web features include real-time account review capabilities with the option to update or close any qualified account.