ASSOCIATES Effortless partnerships, by design; not just a slogan,
but a way of doing business.
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Receivables Management

At Wakefield & Associates, our clients choose us because of our success at creating partnerships that work. Since our founding in 1946, our goal has been to understand our client’s needs and design an approach around those needs, an approach whose goal is to satisfy those needs to the best of our ability.


Insurance Follow Up & Early Out Programs

Wakefield & Associates has established itself as a leading provider of accounts receivable management and delinquent account recovery in the healthcare arena. Our business foundation is built on a partnership philosophy which ensures each client receives world class service from our organization and its staff.
Our partnership philosophy has resulted in a solid reputation for tenured business partnerships that benefit clients across the country by providing improved cash flow, profitability and consistent business results.


Client Services

We deliver effortless partnerships by design. This means we are totally focused on what matters to you, and your needs. This starts up front, with our efforts to learn your preferred policies, necessary support functions, and competitive benchmarks.

With the arrival of a new client, senior management and key personnel meet to review details that pertain to your profile. Items reviewed include your network requirements, preferences and campaign needs.



Wakefield & Associates has the proven technology needed to maximize recoveries for all types of creditors. In fact, our use of technology to support operations is what sets us apart from the rest of the industry.

We offer you a robust platform so that you gain the benefits of what we have built over the years—a machine that efficiently recovers delinquent accounts and reports your account data back to you when you need it, in the format you prefer.

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